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Investment in Community Fellowship


The Willis W. and Ethel M. Clark Foundation implemented the Investment in Community Fellowship in 2002 for the purpose of providing financial assistance to deserving students who are attending graduate school or who have been accepted to a graduate school and will be attending in the academic year in which the Fellowship is awarded. Applicants may attend graduate school anywhere in the United States. The Clark Foundation’s Investment in Community Fellowship is for individuals who were born, raised or have lived in Monterey County, California for a long enough period that they consider Monterey County their permanent home. Fellows must intend to work and serve the Monterey Peninsula area and be of service to the coastal communities of the Monterey Peninsula.. The intent of the Fellowship is to acknowledge students who care about the Monterey Peninsula and will utilize their professional skills for local residents. They must demonstrate leadership qualities and their commitment and enthusiasm for the area.

The selected Fellow will have demonstrated that he or she is deserving by factors such as completion of an undergraduate degree with an above-average academic history, proven community service and leadership, and attendance as a graduate student in a program leading to an advanced academic or professional degree. The selected fellow will be involved in the communities of the Monterey Peninsula providing service and/or leadership and be a role model and mentor to others.

A Clark Foundation Fellow can expect the Fellowship to supplement any other financial aid or scholarships the individual has been awarded or may receive in the future, so that all of the ordinary costs of an education are covered. Normally, this includes tuition, books, room, board, and reasonable travel to and from school. This does not include personal expenses such as entertainment, recreation and insurance, automobile related costs, or other expenses not directly associated with an education.

The Fellowship may be up to $10,000 and is awarded in the Spring of each year for use during the coming academic year (i.e. an award in May of 2017 for use in the 2017-2018 academic year). Fellowship monies are expected to be used during one academic year.

Fellowships may be renewed each year for the duration of the graduate degree program. The amount of a subsequent award may be less than the initial award. It is the Fellow’s responsibility to submit a written request to the Clark Foundation for a subsequent award. The Clark Foundation may request documentation to assess the Fellow’s academic progress and volunteer service to the community as a requirement of the renewal process.

The Clark Foundation, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline to offer a Fellowship or to provide a subsequent reward.



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